EveryTip Waste Transfer System

The Remote Solar Powered EveryTip – the safe transfer station system!

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates fall risk
  • Reducing WHS risks to staff and the general public
  • Australian made
  • Painted under – coat steel structure
  • Solar powered battery operated
  • Operated by either manual or automatic control units.
  • We can manufacture a system that suits your site
  • Increase recycling and minimise landfill
  • Completely eliminate contaminated good from the waste stream
  • Load weight capacity of 150kgs
  • Engineered for a lifespan of up to 25 years
  • Double bays available
  • Engineer certified
  • Quality assured manufacturing
  • Tipping heights of 1.2m
Specifications (2.7 metre EveryTip) 
Length 2700mm
Height 1900mm
Weight Approx. 200kgs
Tipping cycle40-45seconds

This extremely unique, safe transfer station prevents public and staff injury, assists with waste compliance and improves recycling and resale collection and has the option to weigh and then send data to the weighbridge.

The latest innovation remote, all-steel EveryTip allows users to place items on the ground-level tray and remove hazardous, resale or recyclable items (including wayward brooms) before pressing a button and activating a safety light, roller grill door and a people safety sensor. The bin then rolls over and ejects the material. The system automatically returns to the ground for loading by the next member of the public within 40 seconds for hi-flow stations.

Solar Power

The Remote EveryTip is designed for those sites that are remote and don’t have access to power. It is solar powered for convenience and saving power as an addition to its environmental contribution allowing operators to obtain all of its benefits and to do so without further impacting the environment.

Make EVERY tip a SAFE tip with THE EveryTip!

NSCA Merit Award

The EveryTip received a HIGHLY COMMENDED award from the National Safety Council of Australia. Gladstone Regional Council who entered the EveryTip have solved a critical safety issue for their rate payers.

The award recognises significant improvements in safety where previous solutions have failed. The advanced safety features of the EveryTip include:

  • No fall risk for staff or ratepayers
  • Easy to recover items without injury
  • People safety sensor when tipping
  • Safety return valves in the hydraulics
  • Safety light when tipping
  • Roller grill and safety fence to seal tipping area
  • Safety beeper to advise patrons tipping is in process
  • Engineer certified design and manufacture
  • Quality assured manufacture process
  • Remote control operation

Loading Advantages

The EveryTip allows rate payers easy, safe access to the receptacle allowing tipper trailers, tipper utilities and skip bins all easy unloading.

Public Waste Monitoring

The EveryTip provides an opportunity for operators to inspect every load for recyclable goods and contaminated or hazardous materials before tipping. This will:

  • Increase recycling;
  • Decrease unnecessary landfill; and
  • Prevent contaminated good being dumped inappropriately.